Re-organise your life – Clear your contact lists

My wife’s cell-phone SIM card ran low on storage space, She then decided to go through her contact list and deleted some contacts. That set me thinking. At this stage of my life, do I still need to keep all my acquaintances in my contact lists, namely phone contacts and e-mail contacts?

I went through the exercises of cleaning up my contact databases only sporadically in the past. I remember I had difficulties deleting contacts. There was this feeling that the person might be of use to me in the future and therefore kept and some are kept merely for historical record purposes.

I met with people during school days, at work and during industry networking time. Some contacts came about when carrying out transactions, such as banking, insurance activities, etc. I was trained to exchange name cards during networking opportunities and some acquaintances got into my contact lists.

Back to the question: Do I still need to keep some of these people in my contact list? I see no need and it will not impact my life as a result of deleting these contacts. It is not going to make a difference. Some contacts were mere acquaintances and will stay as that. My circle of friends will dwindle as I get older and not many will stay in contact with me, except through Facebook. This is to be expected as these people have their lives to lead.

So from now on, I will start to delete some contacts from my lists. By deleting, I will not live in the past. I will live in the present and connect with those in the moment.

I recall a quote: “When is the most important time? Now. Who is the most important person? The one in front of you. What is the most important thing to do? To care.”

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