STI for 2012 against 2011

The Straits Times Index (STI) for 2012 is compared against last year (2011).

In 2011, the STI declined 17.0% for the year. It was a poor year for Singapore equity. As of yesterday, the STI recovered almost all its losses suffered in 2011. It advanced 20.0% to reach 3,175 points. (See tabulation below)

31 Dec 2010:   3190
30 Dec 2011:   2646
Decline of 17.0%

30 Dec 2011:   2646
20 Dec 2012:   3175
Advance by 20.0%

So Singapore’s STI is now back to square one over two-year period!

In 2011, I sold off stocks to reduce exposure to underperforming stocks and capital loss was $2,622. Current year was a reversal of fortune, I sold off stocks to realise capital gain of $7,976. The amounts are not significant but it demonstrates the ups and downs of Singapore equity. In addition to capital realisation, I continue to receive dividends for stocks held. Dividend received to date for this year was 3.06% on investment. This yield is better than holding money in bank deposits.

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