Full year results for 2012 – Keppel Land and Keppel Corporation

I mentioned in an earlier post that both Keppel Land and Keppel Corporation could do well in 2012.

In case of Keppel Land, net profit rose 61.4% from $279.7 m in 2011 to $451.5 m in 2012 (excluding divestment gain and revaluation gain). In 2011, Keppel Land divested stake in Ocean Financial Centre and made a gain of $480.3 m in 2011.

Keppel Land proposed a final dividend of 12 cents (20 cents of 2011).

As for Keppel Corporation, net profit rose 15% from $1,945.7 m in 2011 to $2,237.2 m in 2012.

Keppel Corp proposed final cash dividend of 27 cents and dividend in specie in Keppel Reit with equivalent value of 27.4 cents. Together with interim dividend paid of 18 cents, the total distribution for the whole year comes up to 72.4 cents.

Net Profits


Net Profits


Final Dividend proposed
Keppel Corp $2,237.2  m $1,945.7 m 27 cents

27.4 cents of Keppel Reit

Keppel Land $838.3 m $1,374.6 m 12 cents

Let’s see share price movement of these two counters. Between 21 Jan and 25 Jan this week (before and after announcement of full-year results), share price of Keppel Corp increased 10 cents (+0.88%) and share price of Keppel Land increased 13 cents (+3.2%).

Share price

21 Jan 2013

Share price

25 Jan 2013

Price increase
Keppel Corp $11.35 $11.45 $0.10
Keppel Land $4.01 $4.14 $0.13

What is dividend yield like for these stocks?

Share price

At time of purchase

Total Dividend Dividend yield
Keppel Corp $11.10 $0.724 6.5%
Keppel Land $4.01 $0.12 2.99%

Keppel Corp was held for one year, so 6.5% is for one year yield.

Keppel Land was bought on Tuesday 21 Jan 2013 and it will be three months before actual receipt of dividend. Dividend yield of 2.99% will be earned with 3 months holding period.

These two stocks gave out good dividends for the year.

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