Why I Like Chinese New Year

1. I can toss yu sheng which is essentially salad. People who eat less vegetable get to eat them in larger quantity during this period. Vegetable is good for health!

2. Suddenly, I am not watching my cholesterol. I eat cookies, kueh lapis, pineapple tarts, prawns, eggs and loving it.

3. I get to see all my family members and catching up with happenings for past year. Some, of course, rather not talk about these!

4. I can update my family tree with new additions through marriages and new births. No need for Marriage & Parenthood package! I get to write their names in Chinese characters on the family tree and send it to my family members.

5. I can breathe dust-free air at home after spring-cleaning the house. We moved heavy furniture and cleaned the areas behind them. This was never cleaned for a year. (I do not have domestic help.)

6. We kept our heavy eyelids open so as to wait for midnight to arrive (shou sui). We kept the yearly tradition of staying awake and wish everyone Happy New Year at the stroke of 12:00 am. We went to bed immediately after that. Sweet sleep at last!

7. We can be generous for this time of the year despite higher cost-of-living. We gave red packets to members of family and others (like cleaners, security guards).

8. I can send greetings to people including friends we have not seen for a year. We greet others on seeing each other and do not feel awkward. It will always bring smiles on their faces.

9. We meet our in-laws and get to eat goodies. We get to eat some more! See point two above.

10. It is two days of public holiday when there is almost total shut down of business activities (except for essential services). Food-court is not as crowded. Quite a relief from 5.31 million population.

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