Bright Vision Hospital Appreciates Volunteers

23 February 2013 – Volunteer Appreciation Day. This day was set aside by Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) to celebrate the volunteering spirit of its volunteers for yet another year.

Volunteers were invited to participate in a morning of fun, games, entertainment, and a sumptuous lunch. Volunteers include many activity groups such as hairdressing, ukulele, befriending, students doing CIP programme, etc.

Behind the scene planning, meetings, logistical activities leading to execution on this appreciation day was not insignificant when compared to large scale corporate dinner and dance. There was registration at the entrance to Yen Pei Hall that made us feel important. We received door gifts which included a specially ordered corporate gifts of practical air-tight containers.

Volunteers mingled and caught up with each other in a relaxed setting. The volunteer hairdressers were dressed up for the occasion and because it was still lunar New Year period, most came in their colourful apparel with their hair nicely done up. They took opportunity to take group photographs, something they could not do on monthly hairdressing day.

When the ukulele group came on to sing a few Chinese New Year songs like gong xi gong xi, the celebratory mood was lifted higher.

This event started with a welcome speech by Ms Choo Shiu Ling, Director, CEO’s Office who through a short personal story articulated the important roles played by various volunteer groups in the hospital.

The fun parts were in the games played. Matching photos to where they were taken caught us scratching our heads for answers. The charade played to identify names of MRT stations got the audience laughing.

The team organizing the event comprising Youyi, Rene, James, Wanqi and Azhar, sang two songs – Heal the World (Michael Jackson) and Peng You (Wakin Chau), to much appreciation by the audience.

The next segment of the programme was sharing by some volunteers and a teacher of Bowen Secondary School. They talked about their experiences and what the students did for their CIP with BVH.

Some individuals and organisations were singled out for their outstanding contributions. After Youyi first said that these awards were given out on account of current year, he quickly added that BVH was very appreciative of every single volunteer. It showed sensitivity on this matter of awards.

It came as a surprise when my wife and I were recipients. The BVH team did not breathe a word up till the announcement. It was such an honour. I am sure that many volunteers volunteered not because of awards but out of kindness of their hearts. Still, it was a nice gesture.

We did not leave without eating a good lunch. Food was good and we look forward to another year of contributing to Bright Vision Hospital.

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