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Quarter End 2013 – Financial Position

This is last day of first quarter for 2013. Do you know your financial position of your investments and financial assets? Have the market value gone up or down? Is there a need to review and take action on specific … Continue reading

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This blog is taking a break for one week.

Stay Happy!

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Fixing troubled relationships

I attended a talk by Ajahn Brahm last night. Ajahn Brahm is the author of the hugely successful book titled “Opening the door of your heart”. This talk was on “Fixing troubled relationships”. I list some ideas I remembered from … Continue reading

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Equity – What price to transact?

Companies with 31 December year end had proposed final dividends to be paid out to shareholders. These proposed final dividends must be approved by shareholders at coming Annual General Meetings and paid out after approval. All these are happening in … Continue reading

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Gardens by the Bay

Beside Marina Bay Sands is the latest Singapore attractions – Gardens by the Bay. It is worth a visit, at least once. The Cloud Forest (right in picture) and the Flower Dome (left) provide visitors with cool respite from tropical … Continue reading

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Taiji Quan for health

We started learning 37-step Yang-style Taiji in 2009 under Master Rennie Chong. See his training centre in the following home page. It took us several years of constant practice to appreciate and understand the principles of Taiji. It is … Continue reading

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Life insurance – Conversion to Paid-up Assurance

When I retired, there is no more salary income, yet I still have to ensure that I have cash to pay premiums on my several whole life insurance policies. I ask myself what I can do with these policies to … Continue reading

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