“Return to a Sexy Island, Notes from a New Singapore” by Neil Humphreys – Book Review

Neil Humphreys returned to Singapore in 2011 after five years away in Australia. He came back to a transformed landscape that is Singapore today. He called it sexy island with new attractions and developments both in physical form and people behaviour. He explored new places which even as a Singaporean I have not been to.

Neil became tourist and recorded in his travel journal the fun and quirky aspects of places he visited. He researched and brought out facts and some history of each place. A good record on paperback (and no need to “Google” for such information).

I can see Singapore changed rapidly in five years through his narration. If you have read his other books on Singapore, he did not stop using some swear words and somewhat obscene tone to express himself. But this is part of his humorous style and it should not prevent someone from enjoying his books. Maybe PG rating is advised for young and impressionable readers reading them.

Neil Humphreys dabbled in some politically sensitive issues in some chapters, notably the government losing a GRC in 2011 GE, Mas Selamat embarrassing escape from prison, Bukit Brown cemetery clearance for a highway to be developed.

This is a book that is readable and can let us see how a British views Singapore with strings of rapid developments that is Singapore’s trademark.

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