Singapore dollar strengthened

The following exchange rates were taken at 9.03 pm tonight. Change column shows percentage drop for today. Singapore dollar strengthened against most currencies. Australian dollar is a big loser today, losing 1.31% against Singapore dollar.

    5.6. 2013 Change 13.4. 2012
US dollar USD/SGD 1.2477 – 0.49% 1.247
Aust dollar AUD/SGD 1.1931 – 1.31% 1.294
Euro EUR/SGD 1.6308 – 0.57% 1.632
Stg Pound GBP/SGD 1.9148 – 0.27% 1.980
Yen JPY/SGD 0.0125 – 0.03% 0.015
Swiss Franc CHF/SGD 1.3184 – 0.43% 1.375
Chinese Yuan CNY/SGD 0.2035 – 0.54% 0.198

Comparing against one year ago

The exchange rates as reported on 13 April 2012 (a year ago) are in the last column. Australian dollar lost about 7.8% over the period. Yen lost even more at 16.6% against Singapore dollar. Chinese Yuan rose 2.7% instead. US dollar was nearly at the same level as before.

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