The Time Keeper, a novel by Mitch Albom – A book review

Having read most of Mitch Albom’s books, The Time Keeper was as good as his other well-known titles, both fiction and non-fiction.

The Time Keeper, Dor, is to help two unrelated persons (Sarah and Victor) in order to help himself. It is mystical and beyond human realm of understanding. But that is the beauty of writing a fiction. It is just pure imagination to drive home a moral message. The Time Keeper kept me spellbound right till the epilogue. It is effortless reading and can be completed in just a few days.

Dor, Sarah and Victor travelled through time into the future in order to learn mistakes they had made in the current time. It brought to focus the precious lives we sometimes do not appreciate. One wanted to live with little time and the other wanted to live with more time. One wanted to end a life and the other wanted to live forever. That is a human problem and obsession. We forget that the precious moment is now. The most important persons in our lives are the ones closest to us – your wife, your parent, your child. They are not those acquaintances who do not love us, and they are not the people you dealt with in the corporate world.

I enjoyed reading The Time Keeper and I believe you will too.

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