I was upset with the haze. The PSI is at hazardous level (at 400). Waking up each morning greeted me with gloom as the sky did not clear. My left eye was red and teary this morning. We searched for our long-forgotten face-masks. We found one N95 mask but it was flaking and of no use. Then we read comments from an Indonesian Minister saying that “Singapore shouldn’t be like children in such a tizzy”.

Despite all that, I am not letting this haze gets me down. I know that the cause of the haze comes from Sumatra. The wind direction brought the haze cross boundary. We had no rain for a stretch now. This is nature at work. We are part of the same ecological system and bear the consequences of men’s follies.

I was reminded last night quite coincidentally to have peace in our heart and to have internal calm. It jolted me from this negativity. We can choose how to react to this haze. With positive attitude! We can take precautions to protect our family, our pet (it needs care and protection too), and to be kinder to those around us who are breathing the same air.

We can get through this period. I hope for rain to bring relief. But this is not up to me. Nature has to do that. In the meantime, keep cool and take care.

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One Response to Haze

  1. ken says:

    bravo to a good conclusion 🙂

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