Counting my losses (paper losses)

Since a month ago, the global investment markets took a beating. Equities, bonds, commodities, most currencies (other than US dollar) were hit. So how is my portfolio as of yesterday’s position? The table below shows decline over one-month period.

Percentage decline
Singapore equity – 10.8%
Australian dollar investment – 7.9%
Templeton Global Total Return fund – 5.8%

The next table shows decline in stock indices since 7 May.

31.12.12 7.5.13 24.6.2013 Change
Hang Seng 22,656 23,215 19,813 – 14.6%
Shanghai Comp 2,269 2,246 1,963 – 12.6%
Australia All Ord 4,664 5,177 4,651 – 10.1%
STI 3,167 3,416 3,074 – 10.0%
Nikkei 225 10,395 14,285 13,062 – 8.5%

The worst stock market was Hong Kong followed by China. All four indices, except Nikkei, were now below last year’s closing values.

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  1. Pete says:

    Will you continue to hold Templeton Global Total Return fund? Looks like Bernanke speech has negative impact on bond market.

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