Feeling good about yourself

I attended an inspirational talk last night on the topic.

We like praises. Praise for good work done, praise for being a good help, praise for being charitable, praise for achieving good results, praise for being a good person. But because of humility, we often think nothing about these wonderful things we had done. At times, we need to pat ourselves and remember that we had made a difference to someone’s life, for being generous. Accepting praise is good but to feel proud because of praise is not wise. Being too attached to praise is also not advisable.

Recalling of generosity, boost one’s happiness. Happiness is energy of the mind and can boost one’s immunity to illnesses. Being happy reduces stress and problems associated with stress. If a person can do something which he/she enjoys, the person can be happy. Life is no longer dull.

Service to others is a boost to mental energy too. Service to others can be within the job environment such as in the office. Help your colleagues and this kindness will be appreciated by them. It makes you feel good. Lend a helping hand outside of career. Spend time with a charity of your choice. You can be tired afterwards but the happiness keeps you going.

If you have squabbles within your family or with relatives, think conciliation. They are your relations and that fact cannot be erased. We can cover the earth, the good and bad stuff, with grass and conciliation is to achieve that kind of results. Forgiving will help heal and happiness can arise.

Speak words of kindness and not to speak things that spread ill-will. If one cannot improve on the silence, then keep quiet. One needs not be pressured to say something just to feel he/she belongs to a clique. You would be happy when you know that you have not contributed to increase the misery of others.

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