Second quarter 2013 results (Part 1)

Companies were reporting their financial results for the quarter covering 1 April to 30 June 2013 (Second Quarter 2013).

The following table provides information on net profit attributable to shareholders for the quarter and year-on-year change between current period in 2013 against corresponding period of 2012.

Net Profits Y-o-Y Change NAV * Dividend
DBS $887m + 10% $13.21 28 cts
UOB $783m + 9.9% $17.23 20 cts
OCBC $597m – 8.0% $8.21 17 cts

* revalued NAV

Share Price EPS ** P/B PE
DBS $17.40 $1.52 1.31 11.4
UOB $21.87 $1.85 ++ 1.26 11.8
OCBC $10.85 73.4 cts ++ 1.32 14.7

** annualised
++ less preference dividends

DBS and UOB did well for the quarter. OCBC’s net profit declined 8.0%. Looking at Price to Book (P/B) ratio, UOB is at 1.26 times compared to 1.30+ for DBS and OCBC. On basis of Price Earning (PE) ratio, OCBC is high at 14.7 times, whereas it was 11.0+ for DBS and UOB.

Net Profits Y-o-Y Change NAV * Dividend
SPH + $187m + 80.7% $2.33 Nil
SIA Engr + $69m – 1.5% $1.25 Nil
SIA + $121m + 56.0% $11.30 Nil
SGX + $87m + 43.4% $0.83 16 cts

+ different quarter end other than second quarter

SPH, SIA and SGX improved on their net profits over the corresponding quarter of pervious period. SIA Engineering showed a drop.

SGX’s result is for fourth quarter. For a full year result of SGX, refer to my earlier blog post.

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