Value System

We live in a materialistic world. We are competitive so that we can be better than another person. It is survival of the fittest. One can be labeled brilliant or otherwise in a meritocratic society. Parents want to get their children to elite schools because they think that their children’s academic results can be assured. We see people wanting to be associated with successful people for favours. Wealth and status are pursued at all costs.

As such, we see negative attributes in society: selfishness, impatience, less respect for others and less caring.

What can we do to see a more caring society and less materialistic?

1. Expect that we are not born equal. Accept who we are. Some will be more intelligent or more fortunate.

2. Rejoice in successes of others. They deserve them through hard work and sacrifices. (We do not know what they been through to achieve good results.)

3. Have humility if we are above others.

4. Be a good role model for our children. Children pick up good and bad habits and behaviour by learning from adults. Love your children and be there for them.

5. Kids and parents must respect teachers as they tried to help students cope with study and life in general.

6. Cultivate good moral values. Some values include honesty, not to take what is not given, and respect lives.

7. Treat all fairly. Do not show favouritism. Respect people belonging to different income levels. Even the cleaners deserve our respect.

8. Pay it forward. As we benefited from the society, remember to pay it forward. Donate generously and offer time to help others. Lend a hand to support the less fortunate. Be generous in caring for others with varying capabilities.

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