“The Racketeer” by John Grisham – A Book Review

John Grisham wrote this fiction and released it last year. This is his 26th novel and before that I enjoyed reading the “Litigators”, his 24th published fictional work.

I am expecting the same level of thrill but it was not to be. John Grisham continues to capture my attention as I turn the pages. The reason is that the answers to all the mysteries are revealed only towards the end of the book.

The lead person in the story, Malcolm Bannister, was convicted for a crime which he did not commit knowingly and was sent to jail. The first part of the story was interesting to read. As I get to the second part of the story when he was released from jail, it was as if the second part was unrelated to the first part. This is the part when Malcolm was plotting revenge on the FBI and government agencies for wrongful incarceration. There are new characters added and that was puzzling. You have to be patient for the connection to emerge.

The plot of revenge was beyond my imagination. The plot was so smoothly executed by Malcolm to make FBI looked incompetent. This is too unreal and there is only Plan A and there is no Plan B because there is no need to. Malcolm even said that it was luck that he can pull the plan off.

“The Racketeer” is purely fictional with an ending that is too perfect. I like some messiness to see how Malcolm can still accomplish his plan. Some pondering on my part will be good instead of delivering the story simply with answers readily dished out to the readers.

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