How had STI moved?

From 21 September to 27 September, I was away for a week for some quiet time. I had no access to the Internet and no newspapers to hook up to the external world. Hence, I did not know how the Straits Times Index (STI) was moving.

The following were daily indices:

Date STI Change (%)
20 Sep 3237
23 Sep 3214 – 0.7
24 Sep 3211 – 0.09
25 Sep 3208 – 0.09
26 Sep 3194 – 0.4
27 Sep 3210 + 0.5

On a cumulative basis, the STI declined 0.8%. This is not significant movement. This is how it is. STI made small movements due to no major events to shock the financial markets. Sometimes, we need not have to watch the markets closely. STI moves down and back up if there is no major shock.

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