The Mousetrap

The stage play The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie premiered in London West End in 1952. 60 years later, I got to see it in Singapore. I had meant to catch the murder mystery play while I was visiting London but it was always the same, no tickets available on the days I was there. So it was with good fortune that The Mousetrap was brought into our doorsteps and my family watched the mystery unveiled right before our eyes last night. The run in Singapore ends tomorrow. But do not fret if you missed this one. The play will be staged in Kuala Lumpur from 16 to 20 October.

The whodunit mystery kept me captivated till the end and I did not guess it at all. The eight-member cast was good and acting was superb. I did not read Agatha Christie’s book and went into the play without even searching the Internet for clues of the murderer. That way, I let the play led me through the sequence as if I was reading Agatha Christie’s book for the first time and have I been rewarded!

The setting was in UK in the coldest winter of 1952. There was no world-wide web, no cellular phones, just wireless radio to transmit news and landline telephone to communicate with the outside world. To prevent all characters in the play from communicating outside the Monkswell Manor guesthouse, the suspect cut the phone lines. No one could leave the guesthouse because of heavy snow storm and therefore everyone had to stay in knowing that one of them was the murderer/murderess or was it more than one murderer?

The play last night was a sold-out and the audience clearly enjoyed it. So was my family. Now I can go and read Agatha Christie’s book – The Mousetrap.

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