President Tony Tan paid a visit to Bright Vision Hospital

It is rare to have the President of Singapore visit Bright Vision Hospital (BVH). This is the first time and this came about because Bright Vision Hospital was chosen as a beneficiary for this year’s President’s Challenge 2013.

The People’s Association and the YOUths@PA took this occasion to bring their members to the wards and interact with the patients of BVH. Patients were also treated to performances organised by PA. BVH staff and volunteers were on hand to assist PA members and to play host. Those who are familiar with befriending activities in the wards quickly inducted PA members so that they could strike up conversation with the patients smoothly. There were craft activities to decorate Christmas socks and patients, volunteers and family members all got involved in this fun activity for the upcoming festive period.

President Tony Tan arrived at Peace Ward and went around the beds to speak to these patients. The empathetic President was received warmly by the patients. Despite being surrounded by so many people including avid photographers snapping away, President was the least affected by it. His focus was one-to-one with each patient. The care and concern was clearly shown and from his heart. Patients I knew were truly thrilled by his presence. Mdm Lai even said that President was a busy man with so many duties and responsibilities and was honoured with his presence though for a brief moment at each interaction. It was good enough. Mdm Chua who was not into all this visitation was happy to meet with the President and had a few words with him facilitated by Sandy.

People’s Association also took this occasion to present S$250,000 donations collected by PA for President’s Challenge 2013.

This half-day event was overwhelming for some patients. There were so many volunteers and staff members that moved into the wards and the usually quiet environment was a hive of activities this morning. This is however a once-off event and hopefully we could see PA volunteers continue to drop in to chat with patients in the future. This would be a wonderful outcome.

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