I did not run the Standard Chartered’s Marathon yesterday but a friend did the half-marathon and many runners too. I rejoice in their accomplishments knowing full well how tough it is to complete the run.

Rejoice is a happy word. It offers joy all round. It is therapeutic and calming. If one is rejoicing, feeling of ill-will and hatred cannot arise. They are opposites of the spectrum.

It is easy to rejoice and one can do so in many situations. You can congratulate someone on his or her achievements with sincerity either publicly or privately with the person. Or you can mindfully rejoice in your heart which is pure nature of gladness and it is not for show.

If people rejoice at the fortunate living environment they are in, there would be less animosity. Hating your enemy could be eliminated. Even your enemies have good things going for them. The political turmoil in Bangkok right now might not happen if they can see the good sides of the opposing camps and rejoice. With less animosity, the world can be a happier place.

You can rejoice at generosity even if you may not have the means to donate. You get the feeling of happiness all the same. You can rejoice at how others are having better lives, promotion to higher offices, getting a windfall, excel in study and many others. You can rejoice in your own circumstances.

To rejoice with people you do not quite like is difficult. However, if one day you can do it spontaneously, the noble feeling of magnanimity can arise. I know it is difficult and it is still work-in-progress for me.

I notice that those friends who are generous with their compliments are almost all very successful in their own ways. The merits of rejoicing are clear. The more you rejoice, the more joy you can feel your heart. So, go on and compliment others and rejoice in others’ happiness. Feel the difference.

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