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Preoccupation of current generation

My parents’ generation had been through Japanese Occupation and the independence of Singapore in 1965. My generation is the baby boomers’ and is gradually retiring from the workforce. My daughter’s generation is starting to work. PM Lee Hsien Loon sees … Continue reading

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Views on changes in education system in Singapore

When comes to school education matters, I have my views as most Singaporeans do. I am a parent of a daughter who had completed her university degree recently. I also taught in a polytechnic and was a school administrator before. … Continue reading

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“Small Change, Investment made simple” by Goh Eng Yeow, a Book Review

I read Goh Eng Yeow’s columns in The Straits Times. In most of his writings, he wrote mainly to help investors made decisions to protect and grow their money. He believes in prudent investing and quotes quite a bit from … Continue reading

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Book – “Living Investment, Ideas on living and a collection of blog posts”

Introduction to the book This is not a textbook or a self-help book. It is a collection of my meaningful pieces I had written in my blog since 2006. It captures my life events since that year. This compilation is … Continue reading

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If your child wanted to start a business …

I taught in a polytechnic before for many years. As far as I know, proportion of polytechnic graduates starting a business on their own has always surpassed that of fresh university graduates. In the university sphere, professional degree holders such … Continue reading

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“Dear Life” by Alice Munro – A book review

I did not take notice of Alice Munro, the writer, until when she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. So when I saw her book titled “Dear Life” released last year in the bookshop, I did not hesitate … Continue reading

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Bright Vision presented “Live to Give” musical charity concert

Bright Vision Hospital presented “Live to Give” – a local indie music charity concert 2014 on 11 January in collaboration with Livehouse. What a start to 2014! Music soothes the pains of patients and caregivers. This music charity concert was … Continue reading

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