“Dear Life” by Alice Munro – A book review

I did not take notice of Alice Munro, the writer, until when she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. So when I saw her book titled “Dear Life” released last year in the bookshop, I did not hesitate to get a copy. One reason was to satisfy my curiosity as to the quality of her writing for achieving such high honour. The title also suggested a writing of human life stories that could be intriguing to read.

Alice was 82 years old in 2013 and still writing till today. She was born during the Great Depression and grew up knowing the hardships faced by her fellowmen. “Dear Life” has ten short stories and the best part of this book is that she released another four stories towards the end that were autobiographical revolving around her life. Through these, I got a glimpse of her life when she was growing up.

To be able to write fictional stories that touched the complexity of lives is a gift. Alice Munro must feel for the participants of life journeys and then write convincingly so that readers can feel the same through her written words. Her style was one of careful and clear use of the English Language. No superfluous, long-winded discourses but there are sufficient descriptive narratives to emphasise the story lines.

This book cannot be rushed. I had to slow down in order to appreciate the finer details in her writing. There was so much to learn from her writing style. Winning the Nobel Prize was indeed deserving for Alice Munro. “Dear Life” did not disappoint me and I was glad I bought her latest book.

Dear Life by Alice Munro

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