“Small Change, Investment made simple” by Goh Eng Yeow, a Book Review

I read Goh Eng Yeow’s columns in The Straits Times. In most of his writings, he wrote mainly to help investors made decisions to protect and grow their money. He believes in prudent investing and quotes quite a bit from Warren Buffett’s successes in investing.IMG_1630

In the thirty chapters of his book (98 pages), I had read almost all that appeared in the Straits Times from 2009 to 2013. So the second reading did not add any more values for me.

I bought the book as it is priced at S$15 and there is a foreword written by Magnus Bocker (CEO of Singapore Exchange Limited). I certainly wished that the author could have written an introduction to the book to highlight some aspects of the writings.

Small Change, can be read very quickly within days. Some of the recurring themes keep appearing in the chapters, like ETF, dollar cost averaging, contrarian. I keep seeing Wee Cho Yaw’s and Warren Buffett’s names being touted as successful investors.

I tried to link the title “Small Change, Investment made simple” to the contents of the book and I cannot see the link that clearly. Investment is not that simple and it is not small change when investors made wrong decisions in investments. A change of behaviour of investor psyche requires a lot of discipline to make it happens and still we may not succeed especially personal money is at stake. Therefore an introduction to the book would have shed some light on the title of the book.

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