CapitaMall Trust Retail Bond Series 2 – Allocation

This is an update of my earlier post. The balloting was done yesterday and the details of the exercise are the subject of this post.

The public offer tranche was 2.8 times subscribed and the placement tranche was 2.4 times subscribed. This was better than 2011 Series 1 two-year retail bonds where the subscription rate was 1.9 times.

The balloting ratio for the current issue public tranche was the same as the first one, that is 1:1. Everyone who applied got something, some with lower dollar amount allocated than applied for.

Investors who applied for 2,000 units to 11,000 units get exactly what they wanted. For those applying beyond 11,000 units get lesser amounts.


Applied 11,000 – 20,000, gets 11,000 units only

Applied 1,001,000 and more, gets 333,000 units.

CapitaMall Trust favoured small-time investors and allocated 41% of public issue to applicants applying up to $20,000.

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