“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn – A book review

Amy Elliott, wife of Nick Dunne, went missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. There appears to be a struggle in the living room with toppled and broken items. Who is the suspect and who is finally guilty? You have to read it to solve the mystery.

“There are two sides to every story …”, the book cover tells us. The unique style of this fiction is for Nick Dunne to tell his part of the story and Amy Elliot to tell her part in alternating mode. Nick Dunne starts with the present, on the day when his wife went missing whereas Amy Elliot starts with her diary entry dated seven years before the present during their courtship year.

There is a mismatch with the timeline for most part of the book and it can get confusing as to the state of relationships at various points in time. That is the beauty of author’s unique style and I like it. This mismatch of timeline ends when Amy Elliot moves from narrating in diary entries to narrating in personal voice just like Nick Dunne has done so all along.

The brilliance of the plot is one to appreciate the author’s great imagination. It shows the difficulty faced by the police to pin down the culprit of the crime, even though they suspect who the person is.

“Gone Girl” is a bestseller and it is clear why readers love the book. It is fresh and it is atypical. It grips you till the last page and you wonder whether it is how it ends.

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