International Day of Happiness – 20 March 2014

This Thursday is designated by UN as the International Day of Happiness. Even if it is for a day of observance, we should not end there and instead embrace happiness as much as we can.

What is happiness for me?

I like this statement: “It is good enough.” Whatever we have, material or otherwise, it is good enough.

I like to drink tea black (or tea-o) and a meal accompanied with tea-o is happiness for me. It need not be Starbuck kind of tea, tea in hawker centre is good enough.

I enjoy looking at birds, cats, dogs, squirrels. If I can capture a photo of living creature, that is happiness for me.

When it rained on Sunday after 27 days of no rain, I was happy. Finally, trees and plants got their water source.

I like reading novels. Reading one and completing a book review is happiness for me.

I enjoy the company of my family members. If we can do things together, that is happiness for me.

If I can make someone happy, that is happiness too. Be considerate and think of how I can make a difference for others. That is a different level of happiness.

I appreciate that every person, every living being wants happiness. So am I. Live each day happily. It is a choice, happy or not. I choose happiness.

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1 Response to International Day of Happiness – 20 March 2014

  1. Monica says:

    Good post. People often forget the intrinsic value of things and place more importance on things that are priced higher. But value and price are very different things. Simple pleasure like those that you mentioned are priceless when savoured. Wishing you health and happiness.

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