Staying disconnected

I took an 8-day break and during this time I was disconnected from the Internet and mobile devices. Therefore I was not plugged into happenings in the financial world and other world events. I let these go and felt at ease without concerns.

When I left Singapore for a secluded place, the Straits Times Index (STI) was 3209.92 points. When I came back yesterday, it was 3255.83 points. The increase was 1.43% over the period. Since the start of this year, the STI had risen 2.8%.

April is turning out to be a good month. By being disconnected from news did not cause a problem. If an equity portfolio consists of value companies, one does not have to watch their stock prices closely.

Sometimes, it is good to get disconnected completely and spend quiet time with yourself. This is “detox” moment and there is no need to chase for every single newsfeed. We need not keep our minds very buzy and some revelations about yourselves can appear in the process.

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