First quarter 2014 results (Part 3)

Companies were reporting their financial results for the last quarter covering 1 January to 31 March 2014 (First Quarter 2014).

The following table provides information on net profit attributable to shareholders for the quarter and year-on-year change between current period in 2014 against corresponding period of 2013. The dividends are the ones declared for the current quarter.

Net Profits Y-o-Y Change NAV/RNAV Dividend
Keppel Corp $338.6 m – 5.1 $5.51 Nil
Sembcorp Ind $184.8 m + 4.5 $3.04 Nil
Sembcorp Marine $122.4 m + 3.1 $1.33 Nil
StarHub $84.2 m – 7.7 9.8 cents + 5 cents
M1 $42.8 m + 4.4 48.2 cents Nil
Keppel Land $87.7 m – 9.2 $4.58 Nil
CapitaLand $182.7 m – 1.7 $3.86 Nil
UOL $120.8 m + 69.0 $8.93 Nil
SIA * $359.5 m ** – 5.3 $11.26 36 cents
SMRT * $61.9 m ** – 25.7 52.7 cents 1.2 cents
SBS Transit $3.2 m + 16.8 $1.12 Nil

* Year end of 31 March 2014
** Full year results
+ NAV at Group Level

NAV/RNAV = Net Asset Value or Revalued Net Asset Value.

Looking at all the results, it was a mixed bag.

Keppel Corp’s net profit declined 5.1% year-on-year but SembCorp Industries and SembCorp Marine improved.

StarHub’s net profit declined whereas M1’s net profit increased.

Both Keppel Land and CapitaLand had their net profits declined. UOL showed a jump of 69% in net profit due mainly to one-time net gain arising from sale of land at Jalan Conlay (amounting to $44.3 m).

For the full year, SIA’s net profit declined 5.3% over the corresponding period in the last financial year. SIA decided to declare a special dividend of 25 cents on top of proposed final dividend of 11 cents. Based on its cash position and strategic plans, the management can afford to return some cash back to the shareholders.

SBS Transit surprised on the upside when its net profit rose 16.8% for the quarter.

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