Live life and not sweat over money

What is money? Money is used for transactions, to pay for bills, pay for meals, pay for transport and other living expenses. The more you have the more you can exchange them for goods and services, e.g. travelling on a holiday. It is a means to an end. Accumulating money without using them is considered miserly. Spending all you have accumulated without thinking of the future is the other extreme to avoid.

At one stage, I was watching over how I spent my money. Frequent withdrawals from ATMs worried me. I imagined that I would burst my budget each month.

This is unnecessary worry. My record showed that my average spending per month actually declined over the years, including the latest quarter. What a waste of energy, worrying!

I told myself not to sweat over money. How to do that? Adopt a simple lifestyle. Buy only when you need an item. Go for sufficiency and not accumulation. Treat yourself and your family once in a while. If you feel like travelling, travel within your means. The travel experience gained in exposing to a country is invaluable. It can translate into revenue stream if the experience goes into products you are making and selling them.

Finally, be generous and charitable and do not feel regret later when donating. It is to be rejoiced. Someone needs the money more than us. Share out our good fortune and have the knowledge that the donation would be used well by the recipients.

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