“The Hen who dreamed she could fly” by Sun-Mi Hwang – A book review

Author is S. Korean and her work is in Korean language. Translation into English language is by Chi-Young Kim. Beautiful illustrations is by Nomoco who is a Japanese designer and illustrator.

This work is a fable based on animals as characters in a heart-warming story of a hen named Sprout. It is a captivating story with many life lessons to uncover as one read the pages. The story-line is not far-fetched and it can be as real as can be except that the animals speak like human beings (so that we can understand how the animals are feeling at every moment).

What have I uncovered?

1. Sprout wants freedom and is not willing to follow oppressive rules made by the farmer’s family.

2. Her own kind (a rooster and a hen) is not willing to accept Sprout in the yard outside the caged-in coop. The other animals in the yard/barn are not willing to share the space with Sprout.

3. There are dangers in the world out there, outside the coop. The weasel is out to eat her. The farmer is out to eat her at the dinner table.

4. Sprout shows motherly love despite it being a mallard (wild duck), which she helps to hatch.

5. Just because you and other animals are the same kind, it does not mean that you are all one happy family. The young duckling found that out when he wanted to join a flock of mallards.

I can identify with above observations in our human world.

The story is simple and can be read by both children and adults. The heart-touching parts came off more towards the end of the book. There is a major twist at the end too and readers can look forward to it.

Did Sprout get her dream-wish that she can fly in the end? I leave readers to find out.

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