ROE of companies with year ends other than 31 December 2013

This a follow-on of an earlier blog written on 6 March 2014. I added companies with year-ends other than 31 December 2013. (mainly with 31 March 2014 year ends)

Return on equity (ROE) is a financial ratio which is hard to pin down. Try getting it from Reuters, Bloomberg, DBS Vickers and you will find different values for same companies depending on which source you are accessing. Not all companies release this ratio in their announcements of results through the SGX portal.

Therefore, I compute the ROE ratio based on net profit attributable to shareholders over shareholders’ funds using the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet of these companies.

ROE tells the shareholders how the company is generating profit for the owners of the shares for past one year (as percentage of shareholders’ funds). The higher number means postive performance.

Counter Net Profits S/H Fund ROE Y/E
SingPost 143 346 41.3 31-Mar-14
SGX 336 889 37.8 30-Jun-13
SIA Engr 265 1,360 19.5 31-Mar-14
Singtel 3,652 23,868 15.3 31-Mar-14
SPH 430 3,536 12.2 31-Aug-13
SMRT 61 801 7.6 31-Mar-14
SIA 359 13,237 2.7 31-Mar-14

Note: Net Profits and S/H Fund are in million of dollars

Except for SMRT and SIA, the other companies had a good historical ROE. SingPost and SGX gave good returns to shareholders (41.3% and 37.8% respectively).

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