“Inferno” by Dan Brown – A Book Review

From the start of Chapter 1, the story plunged straight into suspense. That was why I pursued till the end of the fiction over a week. ‘Inferno” is 620 pages long, longer than it needs be for one to grasp the story line. Dan Brown wrote lengthy descriptions of places and the architectural designs of buildings which were lost on me. He also played the role of a travel writer describing places of interest from Florence, to Venice, to Turkey. This may not be necessary and the novel can be shortened.

The main actor of the fiction is a Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. His service was called upon to decipher clues throughout the chase for answers to cryptic messages. Time was of the essence as he raced against time to prevent a disaster from happening.

The story started well with Robert Langdon outwitting his pursuers in a nick of time. It was predictable and the story line was clear. As I reached three-quarter way into the book, I became confused. What was clear initially became unclear to me. Black became white and white became black. The story turns on its head. I was fooled by the author in one instance and I had to go back to confirm whether the author made a mistake.

On the whole, Dan Brown is still a good storyteller. The book kept me hooked from the start. His style was similar to his earlier books such as Angels & Demons. The hero never dies but came out better than his enemies.

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