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How to get more interest income from CPF, the legitimate way?

We know that CPF Board pays 2.5% per annum interest on Ordinary Account (OA) and 4.0% p.a interest on Special Account (SA), Medisave Account (MA) and Retirement Account (RA). It also pays an additional 1.0% p.a. for first $60,000 of … Continue reading

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CPF Life – Standard or Basic Plan?

I attended CPF’s talk “Life @ 55” last night. This is my second attendance at this annual talk. The first was two years back. Those born in or after 1958 will be placed on CPF Life Scheme automatically (conditions apply … Continue reading

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China shares in vogue again?

The Shanghai Composite index jumped 2.4% yesterday (28 July) to end at 2,177 points. For one week, the index was up 6.1%. This was a huge increase considering stocks in China were not in favour for a long while with … Continue reading

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Do not sniff at Insurance Endowment Plans

I wrote in my blog (27 June 2009) about one such plan by NTUC Income called “Growth”. This is a single premium paid on day one and it now matures after 5 years. On maturity, my single premium of $50,000 … Continue reading

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“Identical” by Scott Turow – A Book Review

A murder happened twenty-five years ago resulted in Cass Gianis, Paul Gianis’ identical twin, confessing for it and paid for in jail term. The story is set when Cass is to be released on parole after serving twenty-five years. The … Continue reading

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“Problems in Life? Bring it on!” by Ajahn Brahm – Some snippets

The talk was held last night at Chui Huay Lim Club to a fully packed audience. Ajahn Brahm in his jovial way tackled the familiar and perplexing problems of life. He peppered his talk with many similes and jokes to … Continue reading

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Is it time to sell banking stocks?

Local bank stocks had a good run yesterday. The percentage change between two dates are shown below: Banks 22 Jul 23 Jul Change ($) Change (%) UOB 23.73 24.04 0.31 1.3 DBS 17.61 17.91 0.30 1.7 OCBC 9.58 9.65 0.07 … Continue reading

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Why so unhappy with CPF now?

CPF has been around since 1955. Lately, there is unhappiness surrounding CPF. “As a compulsory savings scheme, CPF ensured that workers could support themselves with dignity in retirement.” (Source: CPF’s write-up on the History of CPF) This mandate seems remote … Continue reading

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It is so easy …

It is so easy to get angry. A mild form is annoyance or dissatisfaction without the rage. The other end is physically hurting another party in acting out the rage. Nations go to war like the ones between Sunnis and … Continue reading

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CPF – The truth is your property is automatically pledged if you cannot meet Minimum Sum Amount at age 55.

CPF Board & MOM had been putting up advertisements on matters relating to CPF. I quote the following from an advert in today’s Straits Times: “Q: What happens if I don’t have enough to meet the Minimum Sum? Am I … Continue reading

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