Simple Communication is not equal to lack of information

I received a letter from MOF yesterday (see attached). I am happy to receive Medisave Top-up but I do not know two things when reading the letter:

1. “The 5-year Medisave Top-up with amount $100 and payment date 31 August 2014” means one-off top up or recurring for 5 years starting this year?

2. Why am I entitled to this top-up, short of searching the web pages for this information?

I understand that communication should be simple and direct, but this should not result in lack of key information so that readers can understand the contents.

The reverse page of the letter (in three official languages) is clearer to me when I read the Chinese equivalent of the message. It clears my doubt on point 1 but MOF still did not address point 2.IMG_2013 IMG_2014

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