A Matter of Politics – Some thoughts

When we are in a community, we cannot avoid politics. Someone would play politics for personal gains. This is obvious in the office environment and political arena.

I have seen enough to pen my thoughts on the subject of politicking whether in office or in an environment of governing the country.

1. Some politicians couch messages to hide the inconvenient truth. They speak of aspects that put them in better light and gross over the negative aspects. Worse still, they speak of half-truths to turn negative to something seemingly positive. Some politicians do not admit mistakes openly about policy missteps. I much like politicians to be humble and truthful in admitting political inadequacies. They gain respects as a result.

2. It is painful to watch politicians from different parties hitting out at each other. More often I see certain MPs take it upon themselves to always hit out at the opposing party in parliamentary debates. They gain that kind of notoriety through their aggressive behaviour. A bit more empathy would help in parliamentary debates. Not everyone has the resources and information to formulate a great speech. Bear in mind, people have sympathy for underdogs and this could translates into votes for the underdogs.

3. Not all politicians can connect with the constituents effectively. Some MPs are very good at bringing up sentiments from the ground. We know who these MPs are. Many cannot and some are too busy with political offices to have the time to connect. Explaining difficult policies to constituents is one way to connect. It is wise to listen to them complain so that policies can be tweaked for the better. It is no good surrounding themselves with people who are “Yes Men”. There must be agitators who can add another dimension to decision making. There are silent majority and they deserve to be heard through this kind of interaction.

4. Political office holders can be big hearted and forgiving for allowing criticism in cyberspace. Netizens sometimes get carried away when they write in cyberspace. Allow second chance or even third chance for netizens to correct inflammatory postings or to withdraw them. There can be some nuggets in some of these postings and it is one way to reduce apathy in politics among citizens by engaging them.

5. When formulating policies, there is a need to be as all inclusive as possible. Politicians are urged not to neglect any segment of the populace. They deserve to be considered in their policy formulation even they have the abilities to take care for themselves. Fruits of the nation’s progress must be shared amongst all, even if it is at a lower quantum than those requiring it more. Please do not forget, they contribute to nation building too.

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