“Identical” by Scott Turow – A Book Review

A murder happened twenty-five years ago resulted in Cass Gianis, Paul Gianis’ identical twin, confessing for it and paid for in jail term. The story is set when Cass is to be released on parole after serving twenty-five years. The murder victim Dita Kronon had planned to marry Cass before she died suddenly in her own bedroom. Hal Kronon, the brother of Dita, did not believe the circumstances that his sister was murdered. He went on to engage a retired homicide detective, Tim Brodie (who was involved in the investigation back then) to seek out the truth as to who actually killed his sister.

As the story progresses, I thought I know who the murderer was. Readers have to read till the end to find out. To establish the truth after a lapse of so many years proved difficult. The story centres on identical twins Paul and Cass Gianis and the two families of Gianis’ and Kronon’s who had known each other way before that fateful date.

The fiction is clever in investigative work to expose evidence in order to corner key players to confess. If you were knowledgeable in DNA and forensic science, you would probably appreciate the book better than I did. I enjoyed “Presumed Innocent” by Scott Turow. However, “Identical” did not reach that level of attraction for me.

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