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Why so unhappy with CPF now?

CPF has been around since 1955. Lately, there is unhappiness surrounding CPF. “As a compulsory savings scheme, CPF ensured that workers could support themselves with dignity in retirement.” (Source: CPF’s write-up on the History of CPF) This mandate seems remote … Continue reading

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It is so easy …

It is so easy to get angry. A mild form is annoyance or dissatisfaction without the rage. The other end is physically hurting another party in acting out the rage. Nations go to war like the ones between Sunnis and … Continue reading

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CPF – The truth is your property is automatically pledged if you cannot meet Minimum Sum Amount at age 55.

CPF Board & MOM had been putting up advertisements on matters relating to CPF. I quote the following from an advert in today’s Straits Times: “Q: What happens if I don’t have enough to meet the Minimum Sum? Am I … Continue reading

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Singapore Quarter-on-Quarter GDP Growth Rates – Second Quarter 2014

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) released its second quarter 2014 GDP based on advance estimates today. Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted 0.8% on quarter-on-quarter basis (annualised growth rate, seasonally adjusted). On year-on-year basis, GDP grew 2.1%. The … Continue reading

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“The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton – A book review

What is the truth behind? This novel by Eleanor Catton kept me wondering what actually happened. Who is the real villain? There are twenty characters in the mysteries. Each telling his/her part of the story. It was a challenge to … Continue reading

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A Matter of Politics – Some thoughts

When we are in a community, we cannot avoid politics. Someone would play politics for personal gains. This is obvious in the office environment and political arena. I have seen enough to pen my thoughts on the subject of politicking … Continue reading

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CPF – Low percentage has cash to meet Minimum Sum

Only 35% of CPF members can meet the CPF Minimum Sum ($148,000) in cash (based on members reaching 55 years of age in 2013). If we include members pledging properties to top-up the shortfalls, only 50% meet the Minimum Sum. … Continue reading

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