What I treasured most being a Singaporean?

Singapore 49th National Day is this Saturday and is celebrating 50 years of independence in 2015. I was born here and live my life as a Singapore citizen since 57 years ago, two years after self-government. Both my parents are Singapore citizens and I was born in Kandang Kerbau Maternity Hospital. I am undeniably a true blue Singaporean.

Am I proud to be a Singaporean? You bet and let me share my personal thoughts.

1. I did two and half years of National Service and completed thirteen years of reservist. We are fortunate that Singapore had no war with her neighbours during these years and I was not activated to defend my country. War is ugly and my wish is that Singapore can maintain peace for as long she can.

2. For a person who is willing to learn and has skills for earning a living, I was able to do that all the way to a post-graduate degree. I did not have to go overseas for a foreign degree. This education is sufficient for me to provide for my family and into retirement.

3. We may take clean water from a tap for granted. This is another bit about Singapore that I am proud of. As for the environment, we are able to breathe air that is of the healthier range for most part of the year.

4. We live in a multi-racial and multi-religious environment. We are free to practise our own religions. Though religious harmony cannot be taken for granted, my wish is that we as Singaporeans should strive to uphold this harmony no matter what.

5. Every Singaporean has the right to vote during parliamentary elections. That cannot be taken away from us and is the most important for being a Singaporean. We can get to choose the MPs we want to represent us. This way we ensure politics are for the benefits of Singaporeans.

To summarise, these are five aspects that I am particularly proud of: full-time National Service, good-class local education, clean water, multi-racial harmony and voting rights during parliamentary elections.

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