Time to reduce contact time with the Internet

This is September. Eight months had gone by. In the month of July and August, I wrote 18-19 blog posts a month. This is a bit much. The more I write, the more I hope that readership would go up. In August, the average read per day was 260, high by my historical averages.

The egoistic part of me wanted more people to notice me. This is not healthy. Writing takes time and it reduces time for my other pursuits.

Facebook is also a time stealer. I checked FB often throughout the day. I think I am “addicted” to it.

So for past week, I made a deliberate attempt to limit my signing into FB and to reduce the number of blog posts. I felt good. Like anything in life, moderation is better and I want to maintain a healthy balance with exposure to the Internet. I have an earthy life to lead besides the life in cyberspace.

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