What items get into your monthly household expenditure?

The Statistics Department of Singapore released its latest Household Expenditure Survey report (2012/13) yesterday.

A snapshots of information captured in mainstream media:

  1. Average monthly incomes of resident household = $10,503
  2. Average monthly expenditure of household = $4,724
  3. Household expenditure increased 4.4% each year from 2007/08 to 2012/13 (5-year period)
  4. Household income increased 5.3% each year over the same period.
  5. Inflation rate of 3.1% per year on average over past 5 years.

Breakdown of Household Expenditure

The table below shows the breakdown.

Items Dollars Percentage
Housing and related expenditure * 687 14.5%
Food 1,188 25.1%
Transport 811 17.2%
Recreation and culture 399 8.4%
Education services 310 6.6%
Health 261 5.5%
Communication 217 4.6%
Clothing and footwear 156 3.3%
Others ** 695 14.7%
Total 4,724 100%
* excludes imputed rent of owner-occupied accommodation
** includes misc expenditure not accounted above, such as
     personal care, alcoholic beverages & tobacco.

Note that the biggest item is food related expenditure at 25% followed by transport expenditure at 17% and then housing & related expenditure at 14.5%. Housing expenditure excludes imputed rent of owner-occupied accommodation (ie only cash spending is considered in housing related expenditure).

No wonder I felt the pain in monthly spending. Food inflation is about 3% so far this year. Bulk of living expenses go into food (25%). For one without employment income, this can be a problem.

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