Are you Unhappy at your workplace?

I was on two occasions leading me to take drastic measures.

At some points in our career, Singapore workers would feel Unhappy or Under Happy. Unhappy with pay, unhappy with colleagues, unhappy with bosses, unhappy with promotions, unhappy with customers, unhappy with bureaucracy and other reasons that one can encounter with.

In workplace happiness survey (by SHRI and Align Group), Singapore workers were Under Happy with average score of 59 out of 100. An index of 68 and above indicates Happy.

So, on average Singapore workers were unhappy if the results of the survey are to be believed. Where we stand with the world is not available. Instead, comparison of workers in different industries was available.

In a job, a worker’s level of happiness could fluctuate between happy and unhappy and in between. This cannot be static or constant. I hit the end of the road in my two jobs with two separate employers. In both cases, I resigned to take actions for my life going forward. I wish that I had stayed on with the job and remained happy throughout. I could not kid myself and wished away the unhappiness I felt then. I think the recruiting officer in my second job knew that I was unhappy in the previous job and that was the reason why I applied for the second job. He did not say it but I think he knew. He was willing to give me a chance at a different career from the first.

In all fairness, I had a good run with both employers. I was happy majority of the time but unhappy towards the end. That is not bad, right? I think this is realism in workplaces.

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