Catherine Lim called it “The Eureka Moment” in her latest book “Roll out the champagne, Singapore!” In my case, it is “Inspiration” to write a blog piece.

To write about something with ease requires inspiration. Picking a topic to write on has been a challenge lately because I do not intend to write something I had touched on before in my blog. It is now eight years since I started this blog and therefore many items were written before. The choice of interesting things narrows.

Where did I get these inspirations, the sparks that got me excited to write? My life is a stage and some of my memorable pieces were about living this life. The trigger for a particular blog post was often the event I read in the newspapers. Take the example of “Memory of Primary School or lack of it”. It was the result of news about several schools being closed down by MOE.

Other sources of inspirations came from reading more and travelling more. Book reviews and travel journals came about because of that. Reading widely and travelling (which includes just getting out of your house) are sources of inspirations.

Social commentaries and political discourses can be easy to start writing. (Who do not complain about some government policies or some social behaviour?) But to write something meaningful, factual and constructive can be difficult. These can get onto my nerves and I can become agitated at some government policies that resulted in unequal and unjust treatment of people in the society, and not to mention ugly behaviour of some people. Hence, I write less of these now so as not to get me worked-up.

At some point, my blog postings would have to be less regular. For readers reading my blogs, I say thank you. I hope to have more inspirations in the future to keep me going.

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