“Roll out the champagne, Singapore!” by Catherine Lim – A Book Review

Wit, humour, bold and touching! Thirty meaningful tales of living in Singapore, Catherine Lim, wields the power of her pen to tell her stories of herself and those she had encountered. The tales were well chosen to commemorate the 50th celebration of Singapore’s independence (in 2015).

Being a well-known political commentator and at times very critical of the PAP government, she did not mince words in order to appear nice on this joyous occasion. The same straight-talking writer and often-time exposing the negatives of some political leaders was still present in this book. It was still blatant and a lesser person could not attempt to be that bold.

Catherine Lim placed a mirror in our faces for us to look at ourselves and see the flaws and goodness of being a Singaporean. I am still as proud being a Singaporean as now than before. I secretly wish that we as Singaporeans could rise to become a more gracious and all inclusive people. When will that be? I hope to see it in this lifetime. It starts with us making the move and not dependent on slogans of government or external coercion!

The last story was most touching for me. The earlier tales had already surpassed in letting me know the intimate details of Catherine Lim and her life. The last one took my breath away and was mist-in-my-eye moment on “With Love”. It is a collection of kind acts of people that had touched the author in significant ways. I know that we have many Singaporeans who are kind and thoughtful. I celebrate this, and Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

Thanks to Catherine Lim, bring out the champage! But since I do not drink liquor, bring out the Tea-O, my favourite drink!IMG_2254

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