Each of us is different

We are called individuals and you and I are different from each other. For one, we have a different start point. We were born from different parents. Even though we are siblings or twins, we are identified as separate individuals with personalities changing over time.

Some people were born into wealth. Some people were born into a nurturing family. Some people may not have that kind of advantage. As we grew up, we started to see differences among classmates. Some kids came to school in chauffeured cars. Some classmates had private tutors that coached them. Majority of us took buses to schools. They coped with school curriculum as best as they could.

From a different start point, a person’s life took a certain course. I remembered the movie, “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly went back into the past and changed some events in the past and came back to the present which was different.

Do we feel sorry for ourselves just because we were not fortunate enough to have a good start point? Jealousy and envy do not get us anywhere. What is important is the present moment. Can we lead an honest life with persistent efforts to improve our conditions as we live each day? Can we be magnanimous and compassionate enough to benefit others? At the end of the day, acceptance of who we are without comparison would help us overcome the differences we see among people.

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