Living with Imperfections

I walk a path every morning in order to get to a shop to buy the daily newspapers. I can’t help but notice litters on grass verge besides the road. There is this discarded shoebox, which has been there and was never removed by the cleaner who swept the area.

Nearer where I stayed, someone flattened out a carton box and placed them on the grass verge presumably for sitting on it. I knew it had been there for a while since it was worn out by rains and sun.

I went to Ion Sky at 55th Level (of Ion Orchard) to have a bird’s eye view of Singapore buildings. The view was spectacular from that height. But I was a bit disappointed by rain-stained marks on the glass panels. Photographs taken through them did not turn out perfect because of the stain marks.

These are just some examples that can irritate me. I wish for everything beautiful and perfect. Is this realistic?

The view from Ion Sky is still breathtaking if I see beyond the stains. The streets and pavements are generally clean every morning except for the discarded shoebox. As for the worn out carton box, I decided to take action and took it away and discarded it in a bin this week.

What is wrong with me is that I just focus on the blemishes or eye-sores and ignore those beautiful things beyond them. I let 1% of unsightly things to overwhelm the 99% of the whole experience!

I was in George Town, Penang last week. The place has all these heritage old buildings. The charm is to see them in their original state without renovations to spruce them up. So you see peeling plasters, fading paintwork, and boarded up entrances to some units. Some buildings are vacant and really are in need of repair or even rejuvenation. The Penangites are alright with how the place is like. They accept and live with this condition, not perfect in my eyes but it’s OK with them. At the end of the trip, I have good memories of the unique character of George Town. The street arts on some walls of buildings transformed these old buildings into sights to behold.

Imperfection is self-created and I am trying to learn to see beyond them! Life is the same and we can learn to see beyond our imperfections.

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