Using StockFacts of SGX website

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) website provides a wealth of information for investors. It ties up with reputable S&P Capital IQ to provide latest financial and non-financial information of each company listed in the Singapore Exchange. Investors do not have to align with any particular stock broking firm to get such information and it is freely accessible.

The SGX StockFacts (as it is called on the webpages) provides:

  1. information of a particular stock counter. It includes Consensus Estimates Recommendation on Buy, Hold, Sell decision and Consensus Target Price for the counter.
  2. a search criteria facility to search for stocks that satisfy up to 5 criteria. I find this interesting to play with to narrow the number of stocks for investment decisions.

For an example of a search criteria:

  1. Market Capitalisation greater than $3 billion (large cap companies)
  2. Dividend Yield of at least 4.5%

This throws up 11 counters. See print screen image of the results of the search criteria. The results can be customised to display other key metrics such as Price-to-Earning ratio and Price-to-Book ratio. These can further help you make investment choices.

Screen shot SGX StockFacts

Play around with this and see what you can get out of this. Same cautionary advice: Use this information with caution.

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2 Responses to Using StockFacts of SGX website

  1. Mich says:

    Hi, in the spirit of sharing, you may want to try out google’s stockscreener too.

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