Australian Dollar nearing parity with Singapore Dollar

After Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced cut in benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 2.25% today, the Australian dollar declined sharply to 1.036 against Singapore dollar. (AUD$1 = S$1.036 at 2.00 pm). See chart below.IMG_2467

Australian dollar was on a downtrend since two years ago. See graph below.IMG_2466

Australian dollar was at its highest at S$1.305 on 11 April 2013. Between then and now, Australian dollar lost 20.6%. See table below.


Date AUD/SGD Change %
28 Sep 2012 1.280 NA
11 Apr 2013 1.305 +1.9
27 Jan 2014 1.112 -14.7
8 Sep 2014 1.174 +5.5
19 Sep 2014 1.139 -2.9
26 Sep 2014 1.118 -1.8
3 Feb 2015 1.036 -7.3

Source: Yahoo!

On 20 May 2013, I took delivery of A$ at exchange rate of S$1.275. The most recent rate was S$1.036. That was a decline of 18.7%. Based on yesterday’s AUD/SGD rate, my Aussie FD was down 16.2%. This was after Australian interest income was added to the investment. This is the risk of investing in foreign currencies.

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