Throw-away Society

Future Shock written by Alvin Toffler and published in 1970 was a popular read in the 1970’s. I remember reading it while I was in the junior college. The author projected into the future of mankind and the concepts of transience and accelerative thrust of living in the future. Pace of life quickens, and knowledge shelf life shortens. Technological advancement changes the way we live and communicate with each other. The Internet, downloadable music, cell phones, smart watches, and other technological items are ubiquitous in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

We live in a transient society. Things owned are often replaced or thrown away once newer models come on to the market. The mobile phone is a clear example. Singapore replaces old buildings with new ones is another example of transience.

We are seen as a throw-away society. During my mother’s time (she is now 90+), bringing a rattan basket for marketing was common sight. Now we use plastic bags to carry things home. To buy porridge as take-away, she used aluminum tiffin carrier. Now it is disposable plastic container. Styro-foam cups and boxes are thrown away after they are used. Thrown away items are not eco-friendly to our environment we live in. It is also a waste of money and earthy resources to keep producing goods for our use. Consumers and industrialists/businessmen are all in this game. Instead of repairing equipment, we are more likely to replace it with a new one.

As a family, we are making a start to break this trend slowly. We now bring a self-made bread bag to carry breads home. We bring along a modern version of tiffin carrier to da-bao (pack) food home. We minimise the use of plastic bags by using cloth-based tote bags. This is a small effort and it pays huge dividend to save this earth. Join us to start a revolution?Eco carriers

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