Share price of DBS moved up 62% since 1996

I had DBS shares in 1996, about 17 years ago. At that time, its share price was $12.33. In 2009, DBS issued rights shares on basis of one rights share for every two ordinary shares held on 31 December 2008. I subscribed to the rights shares at $5.42.

The average cost for my holdings in DBS was $10.02 after the rights issue.

I sold off DBS shares in recent days at following prices:

Date Share Price
16 Feb 2015 $19.22
18 Mar 2015 $19.89
19 Mar 2015 $20.00

Since 1996, DBS share price increased by 62%. In between those years, DBS had been paying out dividends. Such was my experience with DBS shares.

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2 Responses to Share price of DBS moved up 62% since 1996

  1. Kent Ng says:


    May I know what is different now that you had decided to sell them after 17 years?

    Thank you.

    Best Rgds …….. Kent

    • limkimtong says:

      Hi Kent,

      These shares of mine are odd lots which did not make up to 1000 board lot size. Now I can sell shares on-line with 100-lot size and at reduced commission. I was willing to part with DBS shares at that time of sale. If I held on to them, I would be able to get more at today’s prices. That is reality of share investment. I cannot predict how the share price will move and accept the outcome.

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