How much is your utilities bill?

We pay our utilities bill every month. We use electricity, gas, and water in our home. This is one cost of living. Do we know our bills and is our usage more efficient than our neighbours?

I started a simple spreadsheet and I entered amount of each bill in this spreadsheet monthly. The results are in the table below. The moving average is computed each time when a new bill is added.

Analysis of Utilities
Month 2014 2015
Jan 78.41 78.93
Feb 95.16 66.49
Mar 86.78 73.98
Apr 67.97
May 73.13
Jun 93.65
Jul 87.17
Aug 82.56
Sep 85.07
Oct 67.07
Nov 76.75
Dec 76.53
Total 970.25
Average 80.85 73.13

For the whole of last year, my average bill size was $80.85 (inclusive of GST and without any rebates or subsidies from the government). For the first quarter of this year, the average was $73.13.

I subscribe to a service provided by SP Services Limited to check my usage of electricity, gas and water against my neighbours within my block.

For electricity and gas usage, our usages are better and they were below the Efficient Average. As for water usage, we were slightly above the Efficient Average but still better than the Average of all units in my block. There is room to improve on water usage.

With this information, we became conscious that we should try to do something on water usage. Isn’t it marvelous if every household can do their parts to conserve natural resources for the sake of this earth?

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