Knowing yourself

Life is complex. I live with myself and interact with others at the same time. I have my views and habitual actions and emotions. Can I live well and be happy? It is still a learning journey for me and below are five pointers I am sharing.

1. Sensitivity

Can we be sensitive to feelings of others? Can we read the situation and diffuse a potentially negative situation? Even when we speak, we can ask ourselves three things: Is it beneficial to the listener? Is it the right time to speak about it? Did it accord to reality and the truth? We often shoot and then regret later what were spoken. What we can do is to delay a bit and mentally ask the three questions before we speak. Through practice, this can be second nature. Beside speech, actions can also hurt others and this too must be guarded.

2. Not truthful with yourself

We can put up a front and outwardly we can become what we are not inside. The hardest part is that we cannot fool ourselves. If we had told a lie, we live with that knowledge and it would be hard to erase from our mind streams. There is no need to put on a show different from our innate personality. It can be tiring. This requires us to know ourselves and be sensitive.

3. Bothered by others

I used to be bothered by what people think of me. I enjoy praise and fame like everyone else. In recent years, this has changed. I am more comfortable with who I am, what I wear, how I speak. I think less of how people may view me. It is far more important whether I can accept myself as who I am and my background.

4. Living in the present

One of the most important aspects of living is living in the present. It is not dwelling in the past or moving ahead into the future. This is the hardest part of my practice. I am caught up with thinking about the past and planning the future as I live each day. What is most important is the present where good or bad outcome can result depending on how aware I am in the present.

5. Quiet moments of reflections and contemplations

In this hectic and fast pace life, it can be a luxury to find time to reflect and contemplate. But it is precisely the need to reflect and contemplate that we can learn about life and living. We need a pause or have a retreat to re-connect with ourselves. When we are angry, we look at our emotion of anger and ask what happened. Do we know who we are and understand what push our buttons? This is one example.

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